Heart shaped bath bomb- Lavender scented

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NATURAL HEART SHAPED BATH BOMB - Bath bomb 3.5oz about 2.5 ''

To Use: Shower steamers can be enjoyed as both aromatherapy and a body scrub. Hold the shower steamer in your hand and allow some water to hit it, a scent is released. The steamer will gently fizz. Use as a body and foot scrub/aromatherapy when it dissolves in the steam

Ingredients :Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, Mica Each heart comes in biodegradable shrink wrap.

At Lizush we believe that you deserve the best We only use mindfully sourced high quality all-natural materials & natural colorants made from spices, roots and minerals. We use pure, essential oils for scent. All our products are: 100% Natural, Never tested on animals, NO contain toxins, NO GMO ingredients Lizush: A Women only CA based company. We hand make and kit our 100% natural products.

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