A little about our owner ❤️

A little about our owner ❤️

Who am I, and how did I get here?


This is a question I’ve asked myself recently and feel as though I should give you, my friends, customers, and community, my answer.

I am the wife to an amazing husband, Chris, and blessed to be a stay at home mom of 3 busy boys and a sweet a little sassy 8 year old daughter. Karisma has been a part of my life since it’s doors opened about 12 years ago. My weekly shopping consisted of countless stops at Karisma with my daughter, Amaya. My memories of her and Karisma are now and will always be more precious than words could ever express. We loved what Karisma and what its owner, Katie, brought to Aberdeen. It had unique, one of a kind fashion that Aberdeen was lacking. Tragedy hit our family in late October when our 10 month old daughter was killed in a tragic accident. My world was shattered, my heart broken, and my life turned upside down. To describe it further is an impossibility. Not long after that fateful day, we found out Karisma’s owner, Katie, was moving. I never imagined I ever wanted to own a boutique (even though I loved to shop), until the thought crossed my mind this cute, trendy boutique might close. Aberdeen finally had something that previously so many of us had gone out of town to get. How could I lose this place which held such special memories for me and my daughter? So, my husband and I thought this would be a good venture for our family, both to keep my mind occupied and to provide a starting point for a new normal without our Amaya. I needed something different, and Karisma was most certainly that. This would help the healing of myself, my husband Chris, my sister Nicky my mom Twila, and even my brother Mark who all have spent and continue to spend countless hours focusing on Karisma.  We moved into a larger space at 305 S Main nearly 9 years ago. We have created a place for women, men and now even kids to shop. A place for people to have coffee, wine, and other specialty drinks while enjoying the company of their friends. A place that’s more than just a boutique. We look forward to creating an “experience” that can be for you what it has been for me. How fun to have weekly dates with your girlfriends all in one place! We even have a dedicated meeting space to have group parties and events. Another highlight of our service, as you all hopefully know already, we have created a delivery service to brighten anyone’s day, no matter the occasion, and we affectionately refer to it as our Karisma Kiss💋. We will strive to offer impeccable fashion, great customer service, personalized care, sizes, and prices for everyone. Additionally, in the 2 years we expanded our Koffee by Karisma to a second location, situated in Erosion Fitness on the east side of town.  Lastly, I feel compelled to share that August 2021, we were once again struck by tragedy as we unexpectedly lost my dad, Gary, in a UTV/motor vehicle collision near our family farm.  I feel as though I need to express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude for the outpouring of love and support that my family and I received from friends, the community, and especially our Karisma family and patrons.  Your support has helped light the darkness of this new trauma and dampened the sting of reopened scars.  These couple years have also been a tough years as Nicky’s family has moved to Jamestown, ND for an amazing job opportunity for her husband Austin at Jamestown University. Her lack of presence at Karisma has been challenging but we are blessed with the best employees anyone could ask for. Finally, I look forward to spending more time with all of you and hope you can be a part of additional chapters of our ongoing Karisma Story. We truly appreciate your business and friendship. Come see us @ 305 S. Main or our location in Erosion Fitness located at 628 N Enterprise Street.❤️


Karisma Boutique... More Than A Store, A Story.



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