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Black Coffee

Black Coffee

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Sumatra Mandheling #1 (serving daily) 

Coffeeheads love Sumatra’s incredible aroma, savory flavor and rich mouthfeel. Roaster-type coffeeheads further cherish Sumatra because it’s an awesome blender; the deep, low-toned flavor provides a rock-solid base and, far beyond any other coffee, Sumatra makes blends taste like more. So, what’s not to love? Sumatra’s extremely complex flavor features heavy body, low acidity, notes of spice and bittersweet chocolate, and a savory, ‘foresty’ character of woodsmoke and clean, moist earth. The penetrating flavor is perceived from the middle of the mouth to far back into the throat, resonating even into the back of the sinuses. It all comes from Sumatra’s terroir – the combination of climate, altitude, native Heirloom coffees and bean preparation that only occurs here.


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